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Crossing Bridges 9 - in Malaysia , hosted by PhotoMalaysia


  • Crossing Bridges 9 - in Malaysia , hosted by PhotoMalaysia


    This year the Crossing Bridges Event is hosted by PhotoMalaysia and is to be held in Malaysia. We will be showcasing some of the best photography locations, local customs, food and hospitality of Malaysia.

    Applications are invited from PhotoMalaysia members to participate in this year's Crossing Bridges Event, to be held in Malaysia, and hosted by This year's event will take place from 26th August to 1st September 2012 and only 15 PM members will be given the honour and privilege to represent Malaysia, and be a part of the Malaysian contingent.

    The cost for full board and lodging per person is RM1,760.00 based on a twin sharing room. Single occupancy rooming is not encouraged, and if you want a single room, the additional single room supplement will be RM800 per person.

    If you wish to participate, please send a PM to Maxby with the following personal details.

    1. Your full name & PhotoMalaysia Nickname
    2. Identity card number
    3. Passport number
    4. Expiry date of passport
    5. HP number
    6. Email address
    7. House address
    8. Name of next of kin
    9. Relationship with next of kin
    10. Telephone number of next of kin
    11. Address of next of kin

    The limited slots are usually immediately taken up, and some PMers who anticipated this have already written to me to book a place. Therefore, those who submit incomplete information will be passed over. Selection will NOT be on a First Come First Served basis. I am trying to get a group made up of first-timers as well as repeat attendees on a 50-50 basis. Those wishing to participate in this years Crossing Bridges will need to fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Be existing members of PhotoMalaysia for NO LESS than 3 months as of 1 July 2011 (registered with PhotoMalaysia on 1 April 2011 or EARLIER)
    2. Actively participating PMers who are 18 years old or older
    3. Have a genuine interest in making friends and have an easy-going demeanour
    4. Be physically fit and with a sense of humour
    5. Able to do with little sleep (4-5hrs daily average) for a week
    6. OK with twin-sharing rooms throughout the trip
    7. Able to make the ENTIRE trip (no half-way join or half-way need to go back participants)
    8. Have a spirit of sharing experiences, and a genuine desire for making friends with people from other countries.
    9. Once notified that you are successful, you will need to send in your payment in full within 3 days of notification to confirm your attendance and place (I will give you personal information required and banking instructions then).
    10. Successful candidates will be informed on once the selection is completed. Any persons who have not paid up will have their slots re-assigned to those on the wait-list
    11. Withdrawals after acceptance will cause a slight inconvenience. If you withdraw after confirmation and payments, your slot will first be offered to a person on the PhotoMalaysia waiting list, if any, from whom you will have to obtain a refund yourself. If there are no persons on the Malaysian waiting list, your slot will be offered to persons from another country, and in that case, your full payment will be forfeited by the Organizers, and will be used to help pay for incidentals in the CB9 budget. The organizers are working on an extremely tight budget and they will be most thankful for your generous donation.

    Crossing Bridges is a much anticipated, interesting, annual event for photographers who are members of, Clubsnap of Singapore, of Indonesia, of Vietnam, Photographers from the Philipines and Photographers from Sri Lanka. The purpose of the Crossing Bridges Event is to build bridges of friendships and understanding between nearly a million photographers who are members of online Photography forums in this region. The event has been held annually since 2004. It has been hugely successful, and life long, close, cross border friendships have developed among participants of previous Crossing Bridges events. Which is why half the participants are regular attendees, and each event is like a gathering of old friends. You will meet and make new friends from other countries. Some of the very talented photographers from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka will be attending this event.


    This year the Crossing Bridges 9 is held in conjunction with our Merdeka Day Celebrations. Our participants will have a taste of local life, architecture and landscapes around the Klang Valley and other parts of Malaysia. This is going to be the first time where we will be holding the first Crossing Bridges Exhibition in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

    We will then move north to Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar. We will be working with The Tourism Development Corporation of Perak to showcase traditional dances, local crafts, the Kuala Kangsar Palace and the Palace Museum.

    A visit to the charcoal factory in the morning will be one of the highlights of this trip. Here participants will be given a chance to see first hand how charcoal is made.

    Next up will be a visit to Pulau Pangkor, an idyllic island off the west coast of Malaysia. Here participants have a chance to shoot the beautiful sunset, a morning round island photo hunting trip, an island hopping excursion and a chance to shoot some underwater photography.

    The group will make it back to Kuala Lumpur in time for our Merdeka Parade and Celebrations.

    • mohamadfazli
      mohamadfazli commented
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      Trip of the year. Don't miss it! Would love to go - but i am not sure if my legs will recover in time for this

    • muslian
      muslian commented
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      I hope I can GO again....

    • Lezley
      Lezley commented
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      Re: Article: Crossing Bridges 9 - in Malaysia , hosted by PhotoMalaysia

      I have to save up my leave for studying and other purpose, not for travelling anymore.

      I miss CB....
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