• How I "dress up" my K-01

    After using the K-01 for more than a month, I kind of dress up my camera for various assignments:

    1) I modified a RRS L-Bracket for Sony NEX7 to fit the Pentax K-01. It allows me to do some serious panoramic work in portrait orientation. All my Nikons has a L-Bracket on. Notice that I don't use the supplied camera strap. I like the Gariz leather hand strap which fits very well and giving me a very good grip on the camera.

    2) I like the design and size of the K-01 very much! As opposed to being small and thin, the K-01 is rather "fat & thick" but it provides a great balance when using heavy lenses like the Samyang 14mm and Zeiss.

    3) This is the GGS LCD Viewfinder which is excellent for videography work, and when used outdoor. Although it looks big and clumsy, it provides yet an excellent support when used with a shoulder rig.

    The K-01 is a very versatile and capable camera and it is also very easy to use. Not only it produces excellent results, it also opens up possibilities such as ease of focusing manually (with focus peaking). When one is used to it, you will be rewarded with so many choices of K-mount and M42 lenses to choose from. For all my videography work, I only use manual focusing. In this aspect, the K-01 outshines many other cameras I've used.

    Please feel free to comment. Thanks.

    ~ Wesley ~
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      Power! can pinjam? Heheehe
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      so cool lah
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      What do you call that Manfrotto slider you are using? I.e. what is the product name/number? Thanks.
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      Kalai Pixmedia -
      Jester, I am seriously buying Pentax K-01 for wedding videography as a main camera. What's your suggestion? How was your video quality? Anything to see. Have you done event video using this camera & not on tripod but moving with people. Any problems.