• The World's Most Expensive Camera

    If you think the latest digital camera offering is expensive, think again. That is why collectors have been gunning for Leica Cameras.

    There’s a new record for the world’s most expensive camera: a Leica 0-Series camera, which was a 1923 prototype for the groundbreaking Leica A, the first commercially successful 35mm compact camera sold at WestLicht Photographica auction in Vienna for €2.16 million (about $2.8 million).

    It was one of just 25 models created, 12 of which are known to have survived. Bidding started at $390,000, but in the course of 4 minutes offers reached $2.3 million The camera was bought by an anonymous bidder.

    The previous record was also held by a 0-Series Leica which fetched 1.32 million euros ($1.7 million) in 2007.
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    1. kinoz's Avatar
      kinoz -
      Wow, its a leica. Looks kinda cool though.
    1. Jagger's Avatar
      Jagger -
      this type of obscenity is exactly what turned me off to leica products.
    1. darkbluescorpio's Avatar
      darkbluescorpio -
      This is how the rich man wasted their money...
    1. lembu's Avatar
      lembu -
      $10 says its bought by the Leica branding dept. =)
    1. kontrasepsi's Avatar
      kontrasepsi -
      hua hua huaaa cant talk jus watch n shockk
    1. khoking's Avatar
      khoking -
      Go search your grand grandmother's junk yard...there might be somethings worth over A million dollar down there...
    1. MaxzSaw's Avatar
      MaxzSaw -
      Maybe for the Leica rich rich fan,it is 'worth' for him...
    1. iso's Avatar
      iso -
      Money wasted. But what can we say, its his money. I never understood why people collect old stuff other than the fact that they wanna sell it later at higher price. Good business thought. Bought with 2.8 mil. Keep it for few more decades and sell it at 5 mil. Who knows..