• PhotoMalaysia's Guerrilla Photo Exhibition from 25th August to 31st October 2012 - Calling for Volunteers

    I am pleased to announce that this year PhotoMalaysia is going to organise a Guerrilla Photo Exhibition in Avenue K.

    During the past few years, we have feedback that there were not enough room to display all the prints that were chosen. So this year, we have secured a very good location on the ground floor of Avenue K to do something different and give more opportunities for PhotoMalaysia members to display their work.

    I know some of you do not understand what is a Guerrilla Photo Exhibition. This video will give you an idea of what this format of exhibition is all about.

    What is unique about this exhibition?

    1. The prints are all printed by the Exhibitors themselves.
    2. There are no curators. So each Exhibitor has to curate his/her own photos
    3. All Exhibitors are given a certain amount of space to display his/her work for a period of time and after that another exhibitor will take over the space.
    4. The prints are mounted on the board with "blu tack" or double sided tape.

    About the Venue

    Avenue K is situated on top of the KLCC LRT Station. It is in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, a prime location. In order to get such a location to show off your work, the space prices are at a premium. However, PhotoMalaysia is given the privilege to use this exhibition space for FREE.

    Volunteers wanted

    We invite volunteers to help organise this exhibition. Kindly pm me if you are interested to be involve in this Guerrilla Photo Exhibition

    Exhibitors wanted

    If you want to display your artistic works and get excellent exposure, please for the time being pm me or email me at maxbee@gmail.com

    We will have sections showcasing the following genres of photography

    a. Wedding
    b. Travel
    c. Landscape
    d. Birds
    e. Nature and wildlife
    f. Portrait
    g. Street
    h. Fine art
    i. Sports

    This is how the venue looks like presently.

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