• First Photo Malaysia PHOTOGRAPHY SWAP MEET!!! - 8th July 2012

    Ok GANG! Maxby and I are organizing the first Photo Malaysia photography swap meet. This going to be lots of fun, I'm sure most of photo nuts have tons of photography gadgets, lens, bags or what ever to buy sell or trade here is your chance to turn your camera stuff into cash or trade with some one who happens to have exactly what your looking for.

    This is for PM members only limited seating so get there early! NO RETAILERS or DEALERS allowed. This for us photographers to make some money and buy some thing we been looking high and low for.

    So put your name on the list now!

    If this works we will make bigger and better.

    Time 9am sharp Sunday July 8th
    Venue Mamak place old KTM station.

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    1. kHaIRuLz's Avatar
      kHaIRuLz -
      Is this for NIKON only?
    1. helios's Avatar
      helios -
      Too bad I will be out station during tho weekend, this is a great idea as I have few items that is under utilized and always hope for swap with diff photographic related item, a brilliant idea! Will definitely join for next round!
    1. ROBERT's Avatar
      ROBERT -
      Very good idea
    1. avvai's Avatar
      avvai -
      How did the gathering go?
    1. bullman's Avatar
      bullman -
      when is the next one. I am sorry I missed this one. Sounds like fun.
    1. ahmadabhamid's Avatar
      ahmadabhamid -
      Too bad I missed it. How was the going? When will the next one be?