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28-75mm Xr Di

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  • 28-75mm Xr Di

    any ones use the tamron 28-75mm F2.8 XR DI lens at 300d...
    what is the best price at KL?
    if cmpare with the Tokina ATX-PRO 28-80 F2.8 which one is better?

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    Ask Nelson Khor (also a member here), he just got one for his 300D. I believe he is pretty happy about it.


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      There is a guy selling Canon mount Tokina 28-80mm here at RM1k. If I were to buy...then I will definitely choose that one. No, no experience with the Tamron, but I use the Tokina on my Nikon and am happy with it.

      Very good built quality! 77mm diameter filter (Tamron is weird size).

      Kelvin K, nice to see you back! :thumbsup:
      Dr Koh Kho King
      Wise men still seek Him! - Malaysia's First & Largest Online Camera Shop!


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        but in a short time can afford that tokina loh...

        i need to buy triport and flash (550EX) first...
        for that lens is make some research for my next purchase..

        im happy too back too khoking... :lol: