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Fuji 35mm or 56mm

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  • Fuji 35mm or 56mm

    Hi guys,

    I'm using a XT1 with 23mm and I only have one lens at the mean time. Street and documentary photography is my kind of genre. I wanted to add a "longer" lens for better depth of field and and I'm struggling between the 35mm and 56mm. Like the 56 but 35 seems to be a more "everyday can use" kind of lens.

    Any opinions here are welcome. Thanks

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    By better depth of field, you want more portions of your photo to be in focus or a shallower depth of field i.e. bokeh?


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      Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2 R APD Lens would be the lens that I will get if I were using X-T1 camera.
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        Hi, sorry this reply may be slightly delayed, but i would go for the 35mm for everyday use as it's match the nifty fifty tagline

        Personally I owned the 10-24, 18-55 (kit), 35 & 56mm - I guess my fav of all would be the 35mm, thus resulting to an older looking lens in comparison to the rest.

        Could you share your experience in your decision on your purchase? What did you get?


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          Went with the 35mm, planning to sell my 23mm and get a 16mm 1.4 instead. Needed wider focal length and a WR lens for travelling.

          Went with the 35mm coz...there's just something special about that lens that i do not know how to explain. It's just..special..


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            Am waiting for the AF enabled Adapter.