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D800E focusing issue?

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  • D800E focusing issue?

    Hi Guys,

    Sold my 35mm 1.4G to one of my friends who is using D800E.

    I have been using that lens on D700, Df and D800E for the last 2 years and did not seem to have any issues with the focusing, nor it does require any AF fine-tune. Its sharp even wide open at f1.4.

    But my friend who just bought the lens from me has got some focusing issue with the lens. He tried a couple of shots at 1.4 and its not sharp at all. the image is a little blurry and glowy (according to him). With an AF fine tune of +2, the problem seems to go away.

    Now my friend of this has got the same focusing issue with his 85mm 1.8g, but his 24-70 and 14-24 works fine with the body. I'm just wondering if that would be his camera problem focusing with primes or is it really my lens problem?

    Any idea to share?

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    Take the camera and the lens to Nikon Service Centre, they can fix the problem.


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      I have the same issue on my 24-70 and 14-24 with D800E but none on my D700. I send them to Nikon SC and done with it. It's not expensive but takes a couple of days to get back the camera.


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        So can i say this is the camera problem and not really the lens?


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          What if your conclusion is wrong...better send to Nikon SC la.