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Nikon R1 macro flash batteries

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  • Nikon R1 macro flash batteries

    Hi guys,

    I recently purchased the Nikon R1 macro flash system, which uses CR123A batteries. The manual doesn't recommend using rechargeable batteries, but from what I understand many people use them anyway. Can I get some advice from those who are using this as to what model of rechargeable batteries you're using? I know you're supposed to use 3V batteries, but as far as I know the voltage of the rechargeable 3V ones are actually more than that when fully charged (I don't want to risk spoiling my flash by testing this out!). I'm using them in the flash units themselves, not the commander.

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    Good morning,

    I am a heavy user of the
    UltraFire CR123A 800mAh 3.0V on R1C1.

    I have 2 more magazines like this when I hunt.
    You can source it from ebay.
    Many factory outlets ship out from China.

    My R1C1 with UltraFire 800mAh 3.0V is serving me well.No issues.
    Firing repeatedly since 2011.

    Below is an attachment of the model.
    Attached Files


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      Thanks a lot for the detailed information! Can't get it locally I suppose? Aside from that my only concern would be how to identify whether it's fake or not. Any tips/recommendations, or should I just go with a reputable dealer?


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        You can try but its a 1200mAh 3.6V CR123A by UltraFire.

        They may be spoilt ones just like we buy mangosteens for example.there r bad ones too.😄


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          I had a few spoilt ones on one package.The spoilt batteries were unable to Discharge after charging.So,i quickly sent message to the seller in China informing her.She sent me new ones without any charge.i need not send back the spoilt ones😀

          I think a 800 mAh 3V CR123A should be fine.


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            Here is a link from ebay.
            Buy more may be they will give a bit of discount.


            Also if you wish,get some Ansmann battery box.
            Can use for many types of batteries too.
            Total 8 batteries size AA, AAA, CR 123A or up to 8 memory cards.
            You can stack them together too.
            I got it from D
            igicolor Kompleks Mutiara.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Annsmann Battery Holder..jpg
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              Wow..that's a lot more info than I expected. I'll probably go with what you suggested then.
              Appreciate all your help, and thanks for sharing your experience!