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The 100th Anniversary of Nikon: Is this the beginning of the end?

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  • The 100th Anniversary of Nikon: Is this the beginning of the end?

    An article from RedShark News -

    Perhaps, mainstream consumer has gone for the built-in camera in mobile phones. I guess everyone is suffering!

    AV Guy

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    I can't agree more. This article really nails it. When the Nikon 1 was first announced and released, my initial thoughts were also the same. Small sensor, expensive lenses and a price point at a level where most of us would rather go for the Sony NEX. It is a rather sad state of affairs. But such is the market these days where even Leica has partnered up with a mobile phone to incorporate its glass onto the phone camera. And everyone that I know, well almost all of my colleagues use their phone cameras to take still pictures as well as videos. Well...I am a traditionalist and I still bring my D810 out with me where possible. Only difference is, I don't bring bulky and heavy lenses anymore. My trusty old 24 f/2.8D and 50 f/1.4D will be with me in my tiny little bag which I will throw into my knapsack, No more lowepro, crumpler and such...announcing to the world that it is a camera bag. I still like the way that the pictures turn out and the rendition of colors that a full frame DSLR produces. I still like to hear the sound of a shutter and looking through a viewfinder to compose my pictures. DSLRs will still be here for most of us, just like how LP players and vinyl still survives in this day and age of digital media. Just a slowdown in the introduction of new models and maybe a price which might make it a little more attractive for the regular Joes like me to stay interested in bulky camera gear.



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      I cant agree with this more. Canon went through a spell of bad times when their marketing strategy was not in keeping with the consumer demands. But they have adjusted and they're out of the woods. Nikon has to do some hard thinking to survive. Pity, I'm a Nikon user.