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Geartalk: Hoya CIR-Polarizing Filter

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  • Geartalk: Hoya CIR-Polarizing Filter

    While shooting the Maybank Malaysian Open 2012, one of the problems i noticed that was the highlights were getting blown out; skies were just a mess of hot white. The contrast between the foreground, middle third and the sky was just too great -- something had to give. The skies were normally sacrificed in order to maintain the details of the foreground subject. Some post-processing magic can be applied to recover some of the blown out features, but generally, they were just too hot.

    IMG_9240-Edit by aizuddindanian, on Flickr

    above Heavy post-processing required to recover the detail of the sky, but in retrieving the details, the colour became too funky; converting to B&W will hide the discolouration somewhat but isn't ideal

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