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[myK-01] Focus Peaking MF Test Shots

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  • [myK-01] Focus Peaking MF Test Shots

    Rained twice in the afternoon and late afternoon, the lighting condition is bad, but it didn't stop me from doing some test using manual focusing with focus peaking assist. I must say, initially it is not as easy especially when shooting at wide open aperture. In this case, I was using the DA70.

    Here's the test results:

    Name:  87b384940ce386c20af4d35ab97144e4.jpg
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    f/2.8, 1/125, ISO400

    Name:  1c5dffd1037636380019cada3def408e.jpg
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    f/8.0, 1/60, ISO3200

    Name:  abbf2aa915c56f5e2d9304ad106f4e27.jpg
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    f/2.8, 1/125, ISO500

    Name:  3af16847cf15ce5aaafa41f585636e3a.jpg
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    f/2.4, 1/125, ISO800

    Name:  1c079d959dcc5641954c3d28d7e2efe9.jpg
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    f/3.5, 1/125, ISO1250

    The colors are unretouched, just exposure adjustments and sharpening. I just love the Pentax colors...

    Focus peaking is a great tool for manual focusing. Coupled with Shake Reduction (Mode 2, with live preview), it makes manual focusing a breeze once you get used to it. Suddenly all the M42/PK manual lenses become very attractive again.


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    Re: [myK-01] Focus Peaking MF Test Shots

    Nice! Now you get 3.0" with 100% coverage viewfinder!!!!

    Btw, here a video clips showing how K-01 Focus Peaking works....


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      Re: [myK-01] Focus Peaking MF Test Shots

      So the K01 does have SR as well, nice to know. Now it's really tempting to switch from a K-x to it. Hm.. Tempting tempting


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        Re: [myK-01] Focus Peaking MF Test Shots

        Don't be tempted, just go get one.

        Current's they are having Pre-order campaign. During this pre-order promo, all K-01 Kits/Bundles enjoy
        •RM200 discount
        •24 months of warranty coverage
        •Free Pentax Remote Control F
        •Sandisk 8G Extreme SDHC

        Pre-order promo expiries on 31st March 2012


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          Re: [myK-01] Focus Peaking MF Test Shots

          Thanks for the info. Great deal indeed.


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            Re: [myK-01] Focus Peaking MF Test Shots

            Nice tool to have in a camera. Excellent shots.