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  • Service Centre or Drop Off Point

    I talked my friend into getting a K-R but she is concern about the after service. Apart from sending back to the shop that she bought, how can she send for warranty if she stays at Penang (assuming she bought her K-R in KL)? I once asked Shriro staffs and they told me to send by postal. Is there any other way now that DSC had taken over? How do Penang Pentaxians send their stuffs?

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    Re: Service Centre or Drop Off Point

    Ayoh...DSC World lah. How come you still rindu Shriro leh?

    There are typically 3 methods exercised
    - send through a dealer. But if you didn't buy from that dealer, there is a likelihood they will charge you for the service/ courier.
    - ask friend who happens to go down to KL to bring it over
    - Ship the item down by yourself...which I did 95% of the time. Don't see any problem. It's low risk and cost < RM10.

    Next time buy from or President Foto if she is at Penang. They are the official dealers and will be obligated to help shipping down.


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      Re: Service Centre or Drop Off Point

      Wait for Vinsant to come to Pg.....the best is Buy from to have good after sale support la.


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        Re: Service Centre or Drop Off Point

        We're slowly building a presence in Penang, and I do eventually hope to have a better network for Pentax around Malaysia. However, for now, perhaps the best way for Penangites is to rely on the aftersales of retail outlets like Photo President and Pentax 2U.
        Editor-in-Chief, Travel Photographer Malaysia