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Smartphone cameras compared - what say you?

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  • Smartphone cameras compared - what say you?

    First - If discussing other site's article here is not allowed, then moderator, please delete this thread.

    I saw this article in SoyaCincau comparing camera capabilities of several top-of-the-line smartphones currently available in Malaysia. While in general, I do agree with the author's testing methods and conclusions, I like to see opinions from true photographers here.

    For those too lazy to read thorough the fairly lengthy article and forummer responses there, here's the short summary. Iphone 4s triumphs all other phones in all lighting + macro situations except for indoor (with good lighting). The next in line is Samsung Galaxy Note and followed by Galaxy S II. Several forummers vehemently disagree with his conclusion, claiming Nokia N8 should be the winner. In the end the author offers for a challenge for the readers to go together this coming 16 Jan 2012, for another round of test.

    Photographically speaking, I suspect many, if not all, of what's written there are not from those knowledgeable enough on the subject - hence the reason why I'm posting it here.