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Rates for product photography

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    Originally posted by edward chan View Post
    Re: Rates for product photography

    My rates as freelancer would be

    my current working salary / 26 days / 8 hours + 20% in case I screw up + transport cost + parking fee + lodging cost + assistant + misc costs (damn, the central market's toilet cost RM0.50 per shot man) PLUS profit margin of ??% x hours of work needed to shoot the product/s

    ?? this will depend on how hadap you want the buisness and or how good your sales pitch is

    Never quote a price the moment the client ask for it, instead present the values first and better still quote in black and white cos you may just not know what may crop up while the weelin and dealing is being done.

    Customers may say aiyah, shoot 2 more nice product photography sydney lah (while you are packing up) instead of the agreed original 8.

    Insist on a purchase order esp from a large corporation so that you can sue when they don't pay

    Take it with a pinch of salt
    Thanks for the valuable information. I will follow your tips to improve my work.....