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Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

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  • Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

    Dear photographer...

    i am new here, and i would like to post my picture in my website.
    For ever photo of mine, i would like to put my web address on it.

    instead by editing 1 by 1, any software that can edit in batch? such as 100 pcs in once, instead of open 100 time in photoshop..

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    Re: Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

    Image special effects: watermark, annotation, drop shadow, framing, bump map, lens, morph, waves


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      Re: Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

      Paint Shop Pro.

      Just do it once, save the job, then batch process 100 photos with the same job.
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        Re: Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

        You can record your steps and run it in batches in PS too..


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          Re: Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

          well, thank alot, i going to try out this both...


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            Re: Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

            Try EyeBatch.


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              Re: Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

              i also suggest paint shop pro,, i love the software much,, very user friendly


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                Re: Photo Editing Software, edit in batch

                If you use Adobe Photoshop, there are several ways in which you can automate the process. For example you can do batch processing, you can write an action or you can create a droplet. Way back in 2004, I describedn how to put a copyright notice on your pictures by creating a "chop" in Photoshop. Check it out at


                Here's a part cut and paste:-


                The easiest way to add a copyright notice to your images in Photoshop CS is to create a custom Copyright Brush. With a custom copyright brush, every time you want to stamp a copyright notice on your images, its just a simple matter of hitting B to select the brush tool, then clicking on the Brush drop-down menu, and then selecting your custom copyright brush, hitting the square bracket ] or [to increase or reduce the copyright notice size, and clicking on the foreground colour swatch to select the text colour, and then clicking on your image at the spot where you want to insert your copyright notice.

                Really easy.

                And here's an example of one of my images - a Minahasa Woman from Sulawesi - with a discreet copyright notice stamped at the bottom left side. I prefer my copyright notices to be really small - to reduce the annoyance factor of viewers. I get quite annoyed when I see a beautiful image "desecrated" by an ugly, over-bearing copyright notice. If you post images on the web, you'd better be aware that they can be "swiped" by anybody who wants the image bad enough. Sometimes it amuses me that even third rate images of absolutely no commercial value, have huge copyright notices emblazoned across the frame...

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Minahasa-Woman-PM.jpg
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ID:	3316674

                So how do you create a custom Copyright Notice Brush?

                Lets assume you want to create a custom brush tip with these words.

                Copyright 2004 ©Digitalartist

                Here’s how to do it:
                • Open a new transparent file in Photoshop CS, 300 pixels by300 pixels.
                • Select the type tool & your preferred font, and type out © 2004 Copyright Digitalartist
                • The special character © is typed by holding down Alt and hitting 0169 on the numeric pad (bet you didn't know that)
                • Hit W to select the magic wand tool. Use it to select all the letters you have just typed that you want to use as a brush tip. (Hint - Click the magic wand on any part of the type and then click Select/Similar which will select all the text on the layer)
                • Once the type is selected Choose Edit > Define Brush Preset.
                • In the Brush Name dialog box, type a name for the brush, say, My Copyright Brush, and then click OK.
                • Photoshop automatically adds the new brush preset to the Brushes palette, using the selection you have selected for the brush tip.
                • Close and Exit the file because you don’t need it any more. Your copyright brush tip is already created.
                • Now open an image you want to insert the copyright notice that you just created.
                • Select the brush tool, set the foreground colour that you want the brush tip to be, click the dropdown brush menu and select the brush tip you’ve just created. Normally it’s the last brush in the drop down list. Adjust the size by tapping the square brackets, and simply click on your image with the brush tool where you want to insert your copyright notice.
                • You can adjust the size of your copyright brush tip infinitely, and it will always be there when you need it.

                BTW you can even put a picture of your face as your brush tip. Or even your actual signature if you have a pen and tablet. And if you want to insert the copyright notice to 1000 images, you can simply write a Photoshop Action for that task, set it in motion and go have a teh tarik while Photoshop Action does it for you automatically.
                Dont know how to create a Photoshop Action ?
                Hit F1 (Help) in Photoshop to read all about it.
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                Yusuf Hashim