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[WTA] Johor Bahru(JB) film lab location

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  • [WTA] Johor Bahru(JB) film lab location

    Anyone know is that any film lab or shop for film processing in JB?

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    Hi Slash927

    I too looking for film lab for processing in JB, in the end I just give up and go to Singapore to get it process. You can try Triple D located in Bencoolen street, below is the link, the charge 3.50 for developing and 8.50 for develop and scan.hope this help. Now day to find film and develop it is harder than finding a leprechaun.


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      Hi, i wonder are you still looking for film development store,
      but there's one at Jalan Ibrahim (behind City Square) and the shop name JOHORE HENG PHOTO STUDIO.
      You can send your film there and only takes 2/3 days you can get your film result