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Place to get the cheapest film in KL/PJ ?

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  • Place to get the cheapest film in KL/PJ ?


    I shoot very often with fuji superia 200 and Kodak Ektacolor Pro160.
    I just went to Digicolor (Mutiara Complex) to ask for the price, and
    they are selling superia 200 at RM7.50 per roll while the 120mm film
    has no more stock, which indeed was a shock to me. I used to get the
    superia 200 there (the cheapest place I knew) at less than RM6 per roll,
    but that was more than a year ago. Yeah, I stocked up the film in 2010
    and only trying to replenish now.

    So anyone out there, able to tell me where can I get the cheapest film
    (superia 200, Kodak/Fuji 120mm film, and etc) selling in KL/PJ ?

    Thank you

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    Re: Place to get the cheapest film in KL/PJ ?

    So far the cheapest i can find is still Digicolor in Mutiara Complex.. I doubt there's anywhere cheaper.. Anyway, no harm keeping an eye on even cheaper films! Good luck mate