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Which lens best for shooting events?

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  • Which lens best for shooting events?

    Can anyone tell me what lens you use for events like sports day, wedding days where you require to walk around a lot and try not to miss any good moments?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Which lens best for shooting events?

    Sports day and weddings are two very different events.

    Sports Day is an event where you can't get near the contestants/competitors, you have to be "belakang tali". Therefore you'll a 70-200mm zoom as the best lens for that.

    Wedding is an occasion where you can get very close to the 'action' so you'll need a 24-70mm or a zoom lens of that range. And of course a flash that's permanently mounted on the camera!


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      Re: Which lens best for shooting events?

      Thanks uncle noordin,

      Yes indeed from my recent observation where i cannot get close to the bride and bridegroom and as well as they have hired videographer for the event. Therefore i cannot get close enough and get a proper shot. I was using the kit lens and i need slightly more zoom on it. Maybe that's why you suggest 24-70mm may solve the distance problem for me?

      Anyway thanks for the info.