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Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

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  • Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

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    Lee Kok Wei, a 26 years old, Bio Tech Scientist working in an Innovative Start Up Company providing DNA sequencing, analysis and applications for the Scientific Community.

    When I learnt that my company was bringing all her employees to a 2 weeks trekking trip to Nepal, I was ecstatic. It was the first time that I would be going on a trekking trip to one of my dream places on earth.

    Later, I when found out that this trip was organised by, I panicked. I was not much of a photographer and this was a trekking cum photography trip. I started looking for a camera that would be suitable for this trip. Someone suggested a Pentax Optio WG1 as the camera of choice.

    On first inspection, I realised that this camera was supposed to be a rugged camera and suitable for people with an outdoor lifestyle. Butterfly shaped, constructed with metal housing and rubberised grips, this camera gave the impression that it could take a lot of beating.

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    At Ice Lake, elevation 4,500m

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    Here are the rough specifications as advertised:

    Features of the Optio WG1

    12th generation

    PENTAX’s 12th rugged generation waterproof digital camera is adventure proof, and suitable for almost any environment.


    Shockproof, ruggedized design protects from drops up to 5 feet.


    Coldproof to sub-freezing temps of minus 10 degrees C (14 degrees F).

    14 megapixels

    14 megapixel sensor offers plenty of image detail.

    Large 2.7 inch LCD

    Large 2.7 inch LCD features a wide angle 16:9 aspect ratio with anti-reflective coating.

    HDMI port

    An HDMI port plays back beautiful, high def images and video on HDTVs.

    Digital Shake Reduction

    Pixel Track and Digital Shake Reduction ensure sharp, blur-free images


    Waterproof to 33 feet is perfect for use when submerged.


    Crushproof construction withstands weights up to 220 LBF (pound-force).


    Dustproof design protects the camera from dry, dusty environments.

    Wide angle 5X internal optical zoom lens

    Wide angle 5X internal optical zoom lens (28-140mm equivalent) provides flexible capture of subjects near or far.

    Digital Microscope mode

    Enhanced Digital Microscope mode uses 5 macro LEDs for perfect focus and smooth, even lighting.

    720p HD video

    Capture video in widescreen 720p HD at 30 frames per second.

    For more details on the ease of use, rough handling characteristics and conclusion..please refer to A User's Review

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    The 13th addition of the Pentax Optio WG2 with GPS coming soon.
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    Re: Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

    I think the new Pentax Optio WG2 looks like the "Transformer" series. The GPS model is worth looking at.
    Maxby has a facebook too

    PhotoSafari - each experience is a different


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      Re: Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

      Completely agree.GPS is important too.
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      Sentinel Prime


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        Re: Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

        I think I will seriously consider WG2-GPS model. I have seen digitalartist using his GPS P&S for marking photography locations. I think it is cool. Maybe add an eyefi sd card and I can instantly post those photos..
        Maxby has a facebook too

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          Re: Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

          I was fooling around with the Pentax Optio WG1 and was quite impressed with the little bugger. I put it through the ultimate test last Sunday.
          As usual on a Sunday, 9 of my 13 grandchildren (4 are living abroad) were fooling around in our swimming pool in the garden, just before our usual weekend family barbecue evening. I gathered all of them around me and I showed them how to use the little Pentax....basically, how to press the shutter button by composing off the live view screen. I set the camera to underwater (P for Professional mode) mode, asked them all to stand outside the pool at the shallow end, and the game was, I would toss the camera into the pool at the deep end, and they were all to dive into the pool, retrieve the camera, and take a few shots of each other underwater. The best 5 pictures will win a slice of a Secret Recipe Cheese Cake, and the next 4 will get Mars Bars. So everybody gets a prize.
          Here's an underwater picture shot by my 7 year old grand daughter, of her 3 years old cousin. All my grandchildren can swim before they can walk, and as a safety precaution, we teach everyone of them to swim from the time they are around 6 months old as a safety precaution, because our pool is right outside the living room. And we wanted all of them to be able to save themselves if they should fall into the water or swim unattended. We had so much fun and I must have tossed the camera into the water at least a dozen times, and all the time it sank to the floor of the pool which is about 10 feet at the deep end, before being retrieved and fought for, like a rugby ball underwater. I also got them to shoot movies underwater and they are fantastic. My grandkids have asked me to buy one for them to play with and I might just do that. The Pentax Optio WG1 is a tough and cute little bugger, ideal for the kids to fool around with at the beach, in the garden, at the playground and in the pool. In fact I will get the WG2 with the GPS function when it becomes available. I'll try and upload one of my grandkids' underwater movies when I figure out how to edit the clips in the beta version of Photoshop CS6, which I'm going to download later tonight.. To be absolutely honest however, picture quality isn't the best I've seen from a P&S, but its the ruggedness, the underwater shooting capability, and the fact that my grand kids love it that will make me buy it, not for me, but for them to shoot pictures with.

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            Re: Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

            Datuk, can I've one too !!!


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              Re: Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

              Originally posted by Fang View Post
              Datuk, can I've one too !!!
              I am waiting for them to bring in the WG2 with GPS...cost below 1.5k. Just placed a booking this morning....
              Maxby has a facebook too

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                Re: Pentax Optio WG1 – A User’s Review.

                The GPS odel is worth looking at.