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Thought Process, EXIF and Post Process Information Requested

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  • Thought Process, EXIF and Post Process Information Requested

    I have decided to add this thread to request all members to include the Thought Process, EXIF and Post Processing info when posting your images. When posting your images, all these information will help those in offering constructive criticism and possible suggestions on improvement. While there are EXIF plug-ins that allow you to view such information but that will required a few additional clicks to do so. Therefore, it is a good practice and common courtesy to help those offering image critiques by listing details of the capture process.

    Listed below are some of the details to include in your post that will help you receive the best critique possible.

    Thought Process
    • Were you creating a Portrait?
    • An Environmental Image etc.
    • What obstacles did you face in creating your image?

    Camera Type and Model
    • Lens Focal Length and Model
    • ISO, Metering Mode, Exposure Mode
    • Exposure Compensation (if used)
    • Shutter Speed, Aperture
    • Focus Mode
    • Tripod, Tripod Head
    • Flash, Flash Settings

    Post Processing
    • Crop
    • USM
    • Levels/Curves
    • Noise Reduction
    • Cloning or other modification

    *Note: This is a very common practice in many online forums. Not all of the info is required and it is not a requirement!
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