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Tg Aru beach, a rare natural breeding area for birds.

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  • Tg Aru beach, a rare natural breeding area for birds.

    Preliminary environmental impact studies by DHI stated that proposed Tg Aru beach development will cause loss of old growth trees that has been habitats for various birds species for nesting and feeding.(1; p 5.2)

    This is due to the excavation construction activities for artificial canal inland through out the natural habitat will cause many old trees especially the iconic old casuarina trees along the natural beach line to be cut down.

    Remaining casuarina trees along tg aru beach are important for many birds breeding pattern especially the oriental pied hornbills and blue-nape parrot and the loss of the trees due to proposed man made canal and beach will do harm more than good to these bird survival.

    Studies paper by Donald J Stauffer and Thomas B Smith wrote that trees with cavities used by hornbills were among the largest, and presumably oldest and further more stated that the lost of large trees could potentially have negative impacts on hornbill reproduction and demography.(2 p;87)

    Even though Oriental Pied Hornbill demonstrated tolerance to disturbed habitats, nest found in human disturbed area are however often unsuccessful or abandoned because in general hornbills prefer undisturbed forest areas. (3; Nest Selection)

    It is also hard or almost impossible to preserve and sustain the numbers of such great birds species in captivity as what we had seen in the failed in-captivity breeding rhino programs when the state government officially declared the extinction of wild rhino in Sabah.(4)

    With that, it is important to protect the area of known hornbill nesting site and habitats because such suitability for breeding area are rare especially within city area like Tg Aru beach.

    1. Revised TOR SEIA for Tg Aru Development, KK.

    2. Breeding and nest site characteristics of the Black-casqued Hornbill Ceratogymna atrata and White-thighed Hornbill Ceratogymna cylindricus in south-central Cameroon.

    3. Wikipedia: Oriental Pied Hornbill

    4. Officials: Sumatran rhino is extinct in the wild in Sabah
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