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Rainbows (and Stars?) in Templer Park, Rawang

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  • Rainbows (and Stars?) in Templer Park, Rawang

    Hi Masters of Light,

    Good morning.

    This isn't much of a showcase but I'm also interested in your expert opinions.

    This image was taken at 5:37 PM, 1st January 2019, so it's still daytime. The sky is dark but there is sunlight shining from the back of my building.

    I've sold m gears years ago and never gone back into photography, so when I saw the rainbows I just quickly grab my phone and take the shot without setting anything.

    My question is, what are those star-like dots?

    Some friends mentioned about hot pixels, dust, etc but none of them are clear cut especially for an image captured by a phone camera.

    If they're stars, well it's daytime. And I can see a few of them in front of the trees. A friend who's generally quite good with opticals say that they are stars, but not exactly where you're looking at. That the stars are from above my head that was caused by the water droplets. But instead of reflection, refraction and dispersion that create the rainbows, it only reflects to my lens instead. I don't know if that makes sense.

    Maybe they're the water droplets itself (not sure how is that possible). I didn't notice the "stars" myself at the time as my eyes were focused on the rainbows.

    Your kind opinion will be very much appreciated.

    iPhone 8
    Exposure Mode: Auto
    Exposure Time: 1/480 s
    Flash: No
    FNumber: F1.8
    Focal Length: 4.0 mm
    ISO Speed: 20
    White Balance: Auto
    Scene Capture Type: Standard
    Altitude: 83.4 m

    First photo: Untouched
    Second photo: PhotoShop Express (Mobile): Vibrant
    Untouched PS Express (Mobile): Vibrant