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In Need For Help : Which Lens To Use

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  • In Need For Help : Which Lens To Use

    Hello !

    First of all, sorry for the coming "newbie questions". But I hope the answer will be a good one because I really in need for help. Questions to be answered.

    I choose this forum because it's kinda related to my new hobby. Its not that macro 1:1 that I'm interested in. Maybe a lil bit childish, but I'm interested in this, so called the Lego Photography.

    So, here's the story.

    I'm still new, like a month new in this world of bricks, and you know how newbie is, there ara a lot of questions, a lot of googling,
    a lot of frustation because you don't know how to do that and so on..haha

    The first thing I'm kinda stuck is with the lens. Can someone please give me some advice. I'm using a Canon 6D with a 40mm lens.
    The pancake lens. Usually, I'm using the lens for a walkabout lens. As in a fullframe, ist kinda wide.

    Using the 40mm lens its kinda a problem to shoot the bricks, as the bricks will be like kinda far away and too small. I need to crop it
    in photoshop and ofcourse, it will effect a bit the photos.

    So I bought a Macro Lens Adaptor, can't remember what's the brand. Its not a 1:1 magnification but it really helps to shoot little things.
    But another problem arise, I can't get a sharp image from head to toe of the bricks. Even the background looks too blurry and end up,
    you can't share with people what's the background. Yes, I did try to shoot at F10 but still the same.

    But when I google and look from other photographers, they did quite a sharp image.

    After all that long explanation, I just want to know, the type of lens to use. tq =)

    I attached some of the photos that I want how it to be. Can 100mm Macro produce that or just using a zoom lens like 24-105mm?

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    What type of lens to use to produce what kind of image?

    The ones shown here could be taken
    with a phone,kit lens,macro,tele lens.

    Any other problems?


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      Like the stormtrooper..can we use tele lens to produce that kind of image? or macro?
      Put aside the phone.. =)


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        Originally posted by chentaislove View Post
        Like the stormtrooper..can we use tele lens to produce that kind of image? or macro?
        Put aside the phone.. =)
        You can use both tele and macro lens.
        With the right Aperture setting.
        With some image manipulation.



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          For the shots you're wanting I'd use a Macro lens myself... The Canon 100mm f2.8 standard macro has a very good write up and isn't stupidly expensive (The non L version) - and can also be used for things far away as well... Doesn't need to just be things 10cm in front of the lens. You already have a 40mm - adding a 100mm lens could be a good additional viewpoint on your everyday photography...
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              I think 100mm focal length is best for Macro
              you don't have to move very close and it isolate your subject from rest of background too.

              105mm Micro Nikkor + Raynox DCR 250 + 36mm Extension tube + Kenko TC 1.4X
              Diffuser + SB700

              F/22 ISO 160
              1/125 at 150mm at Focal Length

              Single handedly taking on a Salticidae.

              You don`t have to move very close and it isolate your subject from rest of background ?
              I can still see your background.
              Since you are shooting from the Top.

              This Two Examples here ( Above and Below ) are Isolating the Subject from the Background.

              200mm F4
              F/13 ISO 1000
              1/100 at 200mm Focal Length
              Natural light.

              Its the Traits of the lens and How far your background is from your subject.
              The settings,
              The Post Processing all comes into play.

              The TS said he liked Lego…Legos are inanimate objects so any Tele or Macro lens can do.
              Provided…he continues to experiment Practically and Post Processing.


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                I would say a short macro lens, perspective control (PC) lens, or a lensbaby would do the trick.
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