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Forum Guidelines for Showcase

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  • Forum Guidelines for Showcase

    Dear members,

    If you are not familiar with our Guidelines in ShowCase, please read on.

    1. Post pictures in the appropriate sub-forums according to content.

    2. Post only one new topic per day per sub-forum. Additional topic may be deleted without notification.

    3. Post selectively. As a photographer, you must be your harshest critic and you should choose pictures of universal interest which have good technical quality. Your judgement is of course subjective, but a picture of your kid's birthday party is probably not something of universal interest, unless the photographic treatment, perspective or the WOW factor is exceptional. On the other hand, a picture with high universal interest, but with a less than perfect technical quality, may have a huge WOW factor because of you being there at the right moment when something very "newsy" happens.

    4.Be especially careful with HDR because with HDR, the line between brilliant and awful is very thin. This doesn't mean that HDR is not encouraged here, but if you are simply experimenting, probably its best NOT to post your early efforts in showcase and post instead in the sections on PP, the newbies corner and the like.

    5. The purpose of this section is to encourage members to share their best efforts so that all of us can learn from each other in this fascinating quest to shoot compelling pictures. Please try and be constructive in your comments. If you like a photo, it might be helpful to the photographer if you can say WHY you like it. It is this process of thinking about why we like a particular photo that our own learning happens.

    5. Lastly, thank you for participating in ShowCase and keep the good stuff coming. Remember, good pictures are more likely to happen if we think carefully before we hit the shutter button. And really, there are no good photographers. Good photographers are those that show only their good shots.
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    Yusuf Hashim