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Invitation to have your best photos displayed here.

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  • Invitation to have your best photos displayed here.

    This experimental new section in the Showcase forum, is inspired by a very exclusive 15 year old photography club in this region, which has a grand membership total of only 32 members. Some of us were privileged to view their recent exhibition, where the standard of the photography was nothing short of inspiring. Their membership numbers are very small in spite of the club being in existence for more than a decade. This is because admission to the club is by merit. Persons aspiring to join that exclusive club had to submit photos which would be considered for their annual exhibition. Each photo submitted can earn a maximum of 5 points which are awarded by a panel of distinguished assessors. And each year, one can submit only a maximum of 5 entries, so the process of admission itself will take at least two years because membership into the exclusive club is granted only when a minimum of 30 points are earned by an aspiring member.

    Our new Giving Frames section will not be as strict as that exclusive club, but we hope to apply a similar principle here to surface the creme-dela-creme of PhotoMalaysia Photographers.

    We therefore invite you to open a thread in this section and post your best photos here for assessment by the panel. Your post and photos will not be visible to others, so you need not fear any discomfiture. The Panel of Assessors will communicate with you only after you have secured the minimum points that qualify your photos to be made visible here among the ranks of the best. You should also include a short caption or description with each submitted photo to indicate your intent and what was in your mind's eye when you shot that picture. And when and if your photos are made visible, no comments by third parties will be visible or allowed in this section. In other words, its like a see, read and appreciate only photo magazine, specifically to recognize you and your work, and hopefully it will serve as inspiration for others to strive harder for excellence in their own photography journey.

    This is therefore an experimental section in PhotoMalaysia, intended to surface the best of PM members' work, and to recognize and honour deserving photographers. The read only restriction is to protect the photo's owners from immature comments, which often has had the unintended effect of discouraging distinguished photographers from posting in these forums.

    John Ishii will be the Moderator of this section, and to kick start the submission of compelling pictures here, John will invite some distinguished and well known photographers, who may or may not be PM members, to give their consent for some of their their work to be published here, perhaps with some of the thoughts that were in their minds when they shot those pictures.

    We hope the photos and the photographers' comments in this section, can serve to inspire the rest of us to continue to strive for that elusive perfect picture that all photographers dream about. And the pictures that are surfaced by this section, of course with the agreement and permission of the copyright owners, will become a part of a Giving Frames Project, which will be announced and put together later, after consultations with the Board of Governors of the Giving Frames Photography Foundation.

    Click HERE for some details of the Giving Frames Foundation.
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    Yusuf Hashim

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