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  • PM member Low Kian Wee a.k.a. Wyluxx

    Wyluxx, or Low Kian Wee, is a Malaysian, an amateur photographer, an engineer by profession and self employed in the construction industry. He took up photography as a hobby to destress and to find relief away from the rigidity of the engineering and construction world.

    Wyluxx says that engineering is always about exact numbers, lines, specifications, and black and white. With photography there is no right or wrong, and no rules which cant be broken, because it is all about your own interpretation, and your perspective of something that your eyes see, your brain collate, and your camera captures. In engineering, if you get it wrong, what you build will collapse and the repercussions can be severe. With photography, if what you shoot fails in the eyes of another person, it doesn't really matter because you can always shoot again, and take the other person's views on board as part of your own learning process.

    Wyluxx says that after years of shooting various subjects such as landscapes, macros and everything in between, he finds himself gravitating towards portraiture. In order of preference, he likes portraiture, landscapes, abstract compositions, followed by architecture. He likes faces, be it a crinkled old woman, a beautiful young lady, or a new-born child. He doesn't enjoy macro shots of insects because close-ups of hairs, compound eyes, and regularly spaced holes such as honeycombs makes him nauseous. He likes to experiment with lighting and various themes, looking for that elusive combination that would bring out the external and internal beauty of the models he works with.

    Reproduced below are some of Wyluxx's recent work with his own accompanying comments:

    Ballerina by WyLuxx,
    This ballerina shot was captured in a studio setting, using 3 speedlights.
    I wanted to show the ballerina in full motion, and at the peak of her artistic execution. Her costume was minimalistic to show the athleticism that is required of a ballerina. The yellow fabric adds colour to the composition.
    Click image for larger version

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    Intan In Purple
    The dramatic side lighting was excellent in portraying the moody side of the model as she gazed out of the window. The purple colour of her dress also dramatizes the mood. I pp-ed the surrounding to make the picture complete and complement the mood as well.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	wyluxx.1.2.4974413438_2f1808aefe_o.jpg
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    The theme was 'high fashion with attitude'. Shot with 3 speedlights, I used gels to create red and blue lights. The yellow light on the top left was the wall light which worked very well with my lights. I wanted to show her and her outfit not in a typical runway catwalk style, but with some attitude. The different coloured lights I hope worked out well with the theme.
    Click image for larger version

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    Faralia in black
    Faralia has very nice facial bone structure. I only dare to try this kind of lighting on her and no one else. The lighting is from a speedlight bounced off a half closed reflective brolly. I wanted a strong portrait picture of her. hopefully I have achieved it.
    Click image for larger version

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