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  • Sunrise

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    Sunrise taken in Cameron Highlands. Please advice, this is my first attempt for such situation.
    ISO400, f/3.5, 1/500
    "Don't shoot to kill; Shoot to cherish the moment"

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    Re: Sunrise

    Landscape at f3.5?
    Very noisy
    Your editing is not very clean.. Got halo

    IMHO you should go study before shooting. Sure helps

    Shoot low ISO
    Shoot on a tripod
    Smaller aperture , get more in focus
    And use a GND to expose the sky correctly
    Photography is a never ending journey..


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      Re: Sunrise

      Good Attempt.

      Agree with Adrian.
      Start with ISO 100, aperture 11 or smaller ( but watchout for sensor's dust ), on tripod with timer/cable release and half-ND filter.

      Keep up.
      I Love Expired Films...


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        Re: Sunrise

        Tq very for the input.
        "Don't shoot to kill; Shoot to cherish the moment"


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          Re: Sunrise

          Avvai, your combination of exposure settings is all messed up. A high ISO, a wide aperture have blown out your sky, even a speedy 1/500s can't save it.

          Painting the sky to cover the flared highlights is also a big mistake. You just made some parts of the surrounding hills floating in the sky. A peach sky without any clouds in view is not realistic either.

          Get up very, very early in the morning to shoot sunrise. With slow shutter, narrow aperture and low ISO at that.
          Quran 69:18


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            Re: Sunrise

            TQ renzu. Will keep in mind.
            "Don't shoot to kill; Shoot to cherish the moment"