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    Subang airport, hold short of RWY 15 and ready for departure....

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    I have just received the 2x teleconverter for my samyang 800mm, this will effectively resulted in 1600mm focal length, very keen to see how close i can get to the plane....hihi


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      F/8 becomes F/16 using a x2 teleconverter.
      It needs more light definitely.
      At that long u need to be super steady handheld.

      The video looks like a cropped and not good.

      Advise go for Bigron aka Tamron 150-600mm
      F/5 to 6.3 around rm 4K.
      On a crop Body.
      you'll be happier.
      If u look at long term that is.


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        thanks for the comment...i am well aware of the F16 tiny aperture, and still waiting for a very bright day to test out this long tele lens....i tried with the 800mm handheld, even though the focus is sharp but the image turn out blurry due to even a tiny shake of camera.....i will definitely need a tripod for this......
        even though the image quality is not as sharp but as a beginner, i may accept it due to the cheap price of this mirror lens.....after all, it is a fun lens to explore.....


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          taken with 1600mm...


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            I use samsung NX300M camera and Tamron 150-500mm lens not support NX mount, i think i still can use this lens with the help of conversion adapter. Without electronic contacts with my camera, i am aware that i lose the function like auto focus , auto aperture , but will i still enjoy the image stabilization function?

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              Not much options on telephoto lens.
              From Samsung.


              All manual.No Optical stabilisation,No auto focus. if you use a conversion adaptor.

              You have a Sony body too.Try looking at telephoto lens compatibility options.


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                is it possible to shoot good photo at all even without those auto function like auto focus, auto exposure and image stabilization?


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                  The chances of getting a good photo would be less / lesser chance with these limitations.

                  Without those auto function like
                  auto focus - it will be manual
                  Manually focussing.where the subject might be if its flying for example.
                  Yes,I did try overide to manual while the bird is flying on to branch.
                  If still subject......its ok.

                  auto exposure/ metering - It will be guess work
                  / a trial before the actual capture.
                  How many times would we need to guess the aperture and shutter speed till the subject flies away?

                  and image stabilization for handheld shots would be better than without them.Achieving sharper images.


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                    Click image for larger version

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                    Its important for slower shutter speed handheld.


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                      thanks for much for your detail explanation which will enable me in making better decision......