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Newbie Corner Purpose & Rules

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  • Newbie Corner Purpose & Rules

    Newbie Corner Purpose & Rules
    • Any PM member with less than 200 posts may start threads here
    • PM staff and moderators will try their best to provide constructive comments & critiques for your images posted here. Their comments could sometimes feel hurtful if you are overly sensitive and shy but we hope these sincere comments can be taken in the spirit they were intended, which is to help you improve and enjoy your photography.
    • In the spirit of helping one another to improve in our common passion for photography, helpful comments and critiques are also encouraged from other experienced PM members, and especially from the proes among us.
    • If you are NOT a newbie and your post count already exceeds 200, please do NOT post your images here. Members with more than 200 posts who start a thread here may have their posts deleted without warning. This is to ensure the newbies receive as much attention as possible here.
    • As the intent is to give really useful advice here, and to spread the benefit over as many newbies as possible, and as there are only a limited number of Admins and Moderators and expert volunteers available to give meaningful feedback, Newbie PM members may only post 1 NEW THREAD per week in this section. If the same newbie member starts more than one new thread per week, the new thread may be deleted without warning.
    • To keep the feedback to newbies to be clear and focused, nonconstructive and/or meaningless one-liner comments on any photos here may be deleted without warning. A meaningless one liner comment which wastes bandwidth and litters a thread is..."I agree with such a so and so" or " I also think the picture is nice", etc.
    • Photos from any category and genre may be posted here.
    • To make it easier for critique, try to restrict your attachments to only one photo per post, unless you are trying to illustrate a point which requires more than 1 photo.
    • Experienced photographers are invited to volunteer their services to help our PM Newbies by being included into the PM Pool of Expert and Regular Critiquers in this Section by sending a PM to any Admin to register your interest. We really need your help. We were all newbies sometime in the past. Please do your bit to help our newbies.
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