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ND filters for sunny day shoots

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  • ND filters for sunny day shoots

    Anyone here using really dark ND filters for sunny day shoots? Can you recommend particular brands in 52mm size and where to get them?

    I'm using a hacked Panasonic GF1, typical settings are: 720p25, shutter 1/50 or 1/100 max. If I choose f8 or f11 on a typical sunny day, I need to use 1/500 or higher shutter speed to avoid overexposure. The shutter speed goes even higher if I use wide apertures to isolate the subject. I'm not too fond of the look with fast shutter speeds so I guess I'll need filters with at least 4 stops reduction.

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    Re: ND filters for sunny day shoots

    i use a cheap chinamade variable ND filter. Got it for RM180 at photoselangor. I dont remember the minimum and maximum stop though but I think its very practical.