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Bulk Order : Burn.02 Limited Edition.

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  • Bulk Order : Burn.02 Limited Edition.

    Hello guys, its been ages since the last time I posted something here and recently I just contacted the person in charge for the Burn.02. Burn.02 is an amazing book which compile a high quality picture and photography essay from some emerging photographer around the world and to make it better, each image is specially curated by David Alan Harvey himself, a NGEO Photographer.

    Try to have a look at the magazine,Burn.02 Limited Edition.

    I tried to order one but the shipping cost to Malaysia is very expensive unless we order it in bulk, it might reduce the shipping cost. This book is not available in major bookstore so don't even bother looking for one at Kinokuniya. There is only 1500 issue of this book being printed worldwide hence the price, but the content is really amazing.

    If anyone wanted to get one of this issue, contact me (thru PM also okay), I try to order it before the end of the month.