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    Exclamation <<< Rules & Guidelines (Updated 23 Dec '06) >>>

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    Dear members,

    If you are not familiar with our Rules & Guidelines in ShowCase, please read on.

    1. Post picture in respective sub-forum according to its content.

    2. Post only one new topic per day per sub-forum. Additional topic will be deleted without notification.

    3. Post selectively. As a photographer, you are responsible to choose quality picture for posting. However, this is in a way subjective. A so called quality picture of mine can be a crappy one for other. Hence, I will not remove any picture even I think it is crappy.

    4. We want to create harmony forums where any members can share, learn & have fun at the same time. Please don’t provide destructive criticism. Instead, give constructive criticism & provide your view.

    5. No personal attack. Your account can be locked for doing so!

    Any new thread from now on that does not comply with above rules & guidelines will be moved (without link) or deleted without prior notification.

    Lastly, thank you for participating in ShowCase & keep the good stuff coming. Happy snapping.
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