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    Dr. WS Chen

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    One person in particular stands out not only for his photography work but for his absolute persistence in his passion for photography. Over the past few years I have seen Dr. Chen go from an average photographer to a level where I would hire him in heart beat to take on professional photo assignments.

    You have seen his work in many of the threads here in PM, and he has been a major PM supporter for quite some time. His images ranges from travel to landscapes but I think he's better known for his motors sport images. He really needs no introduction, but for those who have been in caves he is the one and only Dr. Chen.
    So let me share with you some of Dr. Chen's images I find compelling and striking.

    Not only is Dr. Chen a fantastic photographer but he's a gentleman and one of the nicest person's I've ever met. His mild demeanor and his desire to share his work is most inspiring. I will be posting a number of his images from time to time so please come on inside to take a look.

    The first image shows the Ferrari team practicing a pit stop at SIC (Speang) in 2009. Dr. Chen won first prize in the "Sports Photojournalism category" of the Prix de la Photographe Paris 2010 competition.

    The second image is titled Kusamba morning, taken in Bali using a Russian 16mm lens mounted to his Canon 1dmk3. The setting is at f8 and hyper focused.

    The third image is the 5th ASEAN Paralylmpic Games held in Kuala Lumpur. This shot was taken with his Canon 1dmk3 and a fisheye lens. Dr. Chen placed the camera besided the sand pit and shot by wireless remote.

    I would like to thank Dr. Chen for sharing these images with all our members and we look forward to see a lot more in the future. So stay tuned and come on inside Giving Frames.

    2009 F1 KL.jpg

    Kusamba morning.jpg

    Paralympic longjump.jpg
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