Nature’s Got Talent! Here’s a video roundup of the 5 most amazing birds on Earth, each with their own uniquely bizarre talents, behavior and looks.

Which is your favorite amongst the five? The Vocalist, The Seducer, The Moonwalker, The Architect or The Flamboyant?

The Vocalist – Lyre Bird
Not only does the Lyre bird imitates the calls of other birds, it even imitates other sounds it hears
from the forest! and what do you know? a camera shutter! Love it!

The Seducer – Kakapo
This is definitely a sight that you don’t see everyday. A rare parrot getting a bit frisky with a human…
but Kakapo are still lovable nonetheless

The Moonwalker – Manakin Bird
The famous Michael Jackson bird! One can’t help but dance along with it

The Architect – Bower Bird
The Bower birds have an eye for interior design and build it’s bachelor pad to attract a mate to build
a dream home with, completed with collector arts and even a garden!

The Flamboyant – Birds of Paradise
One of my life list is to photograph all the species of Birds of Paradise. I’m just totally amazed by
their bizarre behavior and colorful plumage!