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Thread: Stabilize merlin steadicam

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    Stabilize merlin steadicam

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    I had buy merlin steadicam. But its very difficult to stabilize it.
    Been searching internet, bout bottom heavy and top heavy. But still got problem, the merlin sway to left and right when moving.

    Im using 7D n tokina 11-16mm.
    Anyone from kelantan can i meet up to teach me to stabilize it?

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    Re: Stabilize merlin steadicam

    haahha... well, I've not tried the Merlin before, but it uses the same concept of balancing and manipulating the Center-Point-of-gravity to the Gimble... You say it sways from left to right while moving, It's probably because you're too bottom heavy... maybe try to raise your bottom weights upwards to make it less bottom-heavy...

    try watching this to understand top/bottom heavy for merlin

    But to understand how steadicam in general work, try watching this i always recommend people to watch this video to understand how it works..

    well.. happy understanding

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