Mohd Faizal bin Idris is PhotoMalaysia’s Photographer of the Month for May 2014 1

PhotoMalaysia Administrator Noordin Sulaiman interviewed Mohd Faizal bin Idris a.k.a. Chef Faizal, who is PhotoMalaysia’s Photographer of the Month for May 2014. Here is PhotoMalaysia interview of Chef Faizal : PhotoMalaysia:  Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Chef Faizal: My name is Mohd Faizal Bin Idris. I am attached to the Summit […]
Chef Faizal


Jewel Ling is PhotoMalaysia’s Photographer of the Month for June 2014

PhotoMalaysia Administrator Noordin Sulaiman interviewed Jewel Ling a.k.a. jewelling, who is PhotoMalaysia’s Photographer of the Month for June 2014. Here is Jewel Ling and the interview with PhotoMalaysia: PhotoMalaysia:  Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Jewel Ling: Hello there everyone. My name is Jewel Ling. I was born […]

The Unknown Photographer – Wahyudhy Zukara a.k.a. Geekz 2

Being the Administrator for PhotoMalaysia for more than a decade, has its rewards. I get to meet a lot of  very talented  photographers, professionals as well as hobbyists, from whom I’ve learned a lot, sometimes simply by  savouring their  exceptional work. I’m impressed especially by hobbyist photographers, who shoot purely for […]
Wahyudi Zukara a.k.a. Geekz


Invitation to Participate in Crossing Bridges 11 in S.Korea 2

Applications are open for members of to participate in our Annual Crossing Bridges Event. The date for this year’s Crossing Bridges event will be  from  1-7 November 2014. It will be hosted by South Korea, in South Korea The Crossing Bridges Event is an annual get-together of photographers from Vietnam, Indonesia, […]

Fresh Blood Anyone ? Breakfast with the Suris of Surma in Ethiopia. 2

Apart from Harar, The Danakil Badlands, the Afar Triangle, Lalibela and Erta Ale and Dallol Volcanoes in the North, a major destination for our PhotoSafari to Ethiopia in 2014, was to visit and explore the mysterious Surma lands, deep in the south-western belly of Ethiopia, where soggy and often impassable tracks, […]
The blood is often mixed with milk, although some prefer drinking them unmixed.

Yusuf Hashim

Erta Ale Volcano – the Devil’s Throne Room and Gateway to Hell 1

This is Erta Ale or Irta’ale, Africa’s most active volcano. There is a permanently gurgling lake of liquid lava in its crater, which occasionally shoots out of the crater to flow down its sides. You have to trek 15 km in temperatures of up to 53°C to reach the crater […]

This picture shows how huge the Hyena is relative to the man

The Hyena Men of Harar

Three weeks ago I was in Harar. Harar?  Where is that, you ask. Harar is an ancient walled city 500 km east of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, near its border with Djibouti and Somalia. Its off the beaten track, facilities for tourists are very basic and there a some security […]

Photo of the Writer, Yusuf Hashim a.k.a. Digitalartist, shot by fellow PhotoMalaysia Administrator Maxby Chan, in the streets of Hanoi, during a recent PhotoSafari to Ha Giang.

Vietnam on My Mind

Over the last 15 years I have been privileged to visit Vietnam more than a dozen times, initially as country leader for the PhotoMalaysia Team on our annual International Crossing Bridges event, and in subsequent years, on private visits mostly hosted by my very good friends Peter Pham and Haipiano Nguyen from Vietnam. The photo […]