Sony A9 Firmware Update V1.01 – addressing overheating issue

Sony has just released a new firmware update v1.01 addressing the overheating issue of their latest professional A9 camera that goes upto 20fps shooting speed.

Photographer Danny Eusebio, known as that1cameraguy online, posted the 9.5-minute video above about a recent experience he had with the camera. After taking the a9 to a pool for a swim meet, Eusebio noticed that the overheating warning icon showed up on the screen after less than 20 minutes of use in 81°F.

Sony A9 is still in pre-order stage in Malaysia. Not hitting any physical stores yet. If you are getting one or already in the pre-order list, do have the new firmware ready in your computer and update the firmware when you have the camera in hand.

Download the firmware at: