Insta360 unveils new, 4K capable Nano S 360-degree camera for iPhone

Insta360 is a company known for its affordable, consumer 360-degree camera dongles. The Insta360 One and Air are its current models for iPhone and Android, respectively, but the camera started out with the iPhone-only Nano in 2016. For CES, Insta360 has now launched an upgraded Nano S that keeps the original model’s form factor, so accessories can still be used, but comes with upgraded interior components.

Compared to the original Nano, video capture has been bumped from 3K to 4K resolution and stills are now captured at a whopping 20MP, a nice step up from the previous 4.6MP stills. In addition, you can now choose between a matte black and silver version.The Nano S doesn’t just provide higher resolution recording, though, it also comes with a couple of new features. MultiView Shooting allows you to output conventional video footage with two or three camera angles, and 360-degree Video Chat gives any recipient a live 360-degree spherical view of the caller’s location, even without using the Insta360 app, the caller simply needs to share a link.

A foldable stand for easy video calls or 360-degree selfies comes included in the package.