Nikon 1 System END OF LIFE

Nikon has official discontinued their Nikon 1 system, first introduced in Sept 2011, slightly less than 7 years old.

Used to be its biggest strength, Nikon 1 uses CX format with 2.7 times crop factor, with image sensor area of 13.2 x 8.8mm, which is about half the size of the Micro Four Thirds system and a quarter of the Nikon DX format, now has becomes the biggest weakness to produce better ISO performance in dark environment.

Nikon 1 initial target users are family members or amateur photographers that want small size camera but with interchangeable lenses system. The selection of sensor size has proof to be the biggest mistake. While smaller is good, but too small has caused too much limitation in competing with the micro 4/3rd system.

However, Nikon is not going to exit from the mirrorless market. Rumor is saying that Nikon will introduce their first FULL FRAME mirrorless camera within this year. Let’s wait and hope to see something exciting coming soon!